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10 Best Recruitment Agency Software Solutions

The biggest operational problem facing recruitment companies today is digital transformation. According to recently released data, 85% of staffing companies believe they must embrace digital change to stay competitive. However, sourcing remains the biggest challenge for agencies, with only 39% of companies having automated some aspect of their recruiting process.

What’s the good news for staffing companies? They can thrive in the market and attract new customers with the right software. Here are our top 10 picks from our best staffing agency software list.

Benefits of Recruitment Software Companies

By using the right technology in your recruiting processes, you can solve this and many other employment problems faster. With the best CRM for recruitment agencies, you and your team can:

  • Speed up the recruitment process

You can reach employers and candidates, from anywhere, at any time of the day, and have access to all the information you need. You are also always kept informed as all system changes occur automatically. You can reduce the time it takes to find and hire the best candidates.

  • Prepare your database

With the ability to keep all resumes and job applications in one place, there is no longer any need to go through mountains of paperwork. Plus, you can allow applicants to register and upload their resumes, giving you a wider audience.

  • Reduce administrative tasks

Once you automate posting jobs to multiple job posting websites, you can save work hours. Imagine posting a job to numerous job boards with just one click! Using a shared calendar is another software for agency recruiters feature that makes interview scheduling easier.

  • Improved contractual standards

Sorting incoming resumes into different categories and filtering them, looking for people with particular skills, and having all your resumes in one place helps you identify the best candidates faster. By doing so, you can ensure that you match potential recruits with opportunities that are right for them.

  • Improved communication

Recruiters can monitor every job their team is working on using a single system. Additionally, they can keep all their notes attached while updating information collected about a candidate throughout the hiring process. You can treat each applicant fairly by digitally moving applicants through the process.

  • Follow up with potential employees

The system instantly updates any action taken on a candidate and all your notes, so you can consider every request when filling vacancies. Moving prospects through online recruitment will ensure they will get all the applications.

  • You should do better

You can do better by following up on each of your leads. When you look at the number of positions you fill and the number of applicants you reject at each stage of recruitment, you can identify significant inefficiencies and areas for improvement.

Choosing the Best Recruiting Software for Staffing Firms

How do you select the CRM software for recruitment companies for your business when so many options are available?

Identify your goals before integrating recruiting tools into your recruiting process. In what difficulties will your team help you progress? Many companies use staffing company software to increase the number of candidates on their career pages, improve how recruiters engage inactive candidates, or reduce the turnover rate of new hires. To narrow your search for recruiting software, set yourself a clear goal.

Determine what features your software tool should have. Your device should integrate with your existing platforms and data sources, including social media, email, job boards, third-party recruiting platforms, and any recruiting tools you are currently using. What else should your device be able to do to support your recruiting goal?

To help you find the ideal candidates quickly, HR technologists strongly recommend that you look for a solution that includes advanced features. Discover software for recruiting firms that work as effectively as a sales and marketing campaign. The greatest recruiting software will facilitate features such as:

  • Email automation
  • Post an ad
  • Communicate by video
  • App-based messaging
  • Candidate relationship management
  • Skills assessment

All tools should provide reporting and analysis capabilities to help you determine if your recruiting is doing well. See how easy the reports are to use and if you need more help setting everything up and getting data from all your sources.

It would help if you had a list of essential features ready when looking for providers. Get rates tailored to your business and the number of people you plan to register for on the platform. Here are some popular types of recruitment software to help you get started.

Top 10 Software Options for Recruitment Agencies


ICIMS Talent Cloud can help you at every stage of the recruitment process. It is distinguished by elements such as a Unique, integrated, and dynamic applicant tracking system for managing applicant relationships.

2. ThriveMap

Job candidate screening software is available through ThriveMap. Through your review accounts, it can help you build a narrative. have qualities like 

  • Contextual assessment of candidates’ knowledge and skills
  • Candidate comparison and personality assessment
  • Real-time reports
3. Workable

Workable is an ISO-certified staffing agency software that lets you help your clients accelerate the transition from the acquisition phase to the onboarding phase. Some of the features that set Workable apart include: 

  • It is compatible with mobile devices
  • Provides recruiting guides and templates.
  • Assisted Onboarding Offers
4. Podcastle

A remote interview option on Podcastle, an all-in-one audio creation tool, comes in handy. Candidates can be interviewed or participate in internal company discussions, and the recordings can be used later in the hiring process.

  • Remote interview with up to ten people. 
  • You don’t need to download anything. Both the web and the iPhone support podcasts. 
  • Participants can join via an invite link.
  • The platform also offers automatic video recording and rendering, reducing the file management required. 
5. Zoho Recruitment

An online recruitment tool called Zoho Recruit will give you the right information about your recruitment process at the right time. Help your teams maintain alignment and act quickly when needed.

  • The applicant interacts with the verifier to speed up and improve the accuracy of the background check.
  • Quickly add approved candidate data to your candidate or client database using resume management software.
  • You can filter the assessment modules to find the one that suits you best.
6. Bullhorn

Bullhorn provides software for operations, applicant tracking systems, and customer relationship management for the recruitment industry.

  • Billing to meet customer billing needs and increase billing efficiency
  • Automation and VMS integration
  • CRM and applicant tracking system
7. Asana

Asana lets you plan your work, from routine activities to long-term projects. With Asana, you can move more strategically towards implementing your strategy because your recruiting systems will be clear. Get the correct details regarding project files, applications, and other matters. 

  • Tracking submissions is easy because the forms are directly linked to the project.
  • To avoid missing a deadline, be specific about the time required for a project so everyone on your team knows.
  • The Start Date function indicates the time you need to work to meet the deadline without rushing at the last minute.
  • Gantt-style representation of project tasks and timelines to facilitate better planning.
8. Miro

Miro is a performance management tool with a human-centric approach. Staffing firms can benefit from their self-management, transparency, and autonomy, as well as the ability to monitor the effectiveness of remote or hybrid teams. have qualities like 

  • One-on-one meetings and immediate feedback to foster alignment
  • Ongoing acceptance of a positive work culture
  • Current information and outlook
9. Paylocity

A payroll and labour management system called Paylocity encourages automation and connection. Stores candidate information for later reporting and provides customizable job applications, job postings, and more.

  • Using expense management will improve your financial understanding.
  • Schedule, quit, and administer wage garnishment services for assistance.
10. Ngage

With the easy-to-use recruiting environment, Ngage helps you in your recruiting process. You will need an advanced operating system to manage and grow your recruiting business.
You can grab their attention with features like

  • With a candidate activity log and candidate pipeline information, an ATS can successfully manage candidates and track candidate data.
  • CRM enables you to oversee transactions and cultivate client relationships.
  • Customizable branding to distinguish your agency
  • Personalized email campaigns to reach new candidates, keep in touch, and enhance candidate experience


This article is all about the best recruitment software for agencies. This article is for you if you are also looking for recruitment software. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is recruitment software?

Software for recruitment helps organizations automate or reduce the time required to complete the process using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • What is recruitment automation software?

Software that automates the recruitment process allows companies to source qualified candidates automatically. These tools aid HR professionals, hiring managers, as well as recruiters, in creating qualified applicant pools to fill current and future openings.

  • How much does recruitment software cost?

Recruitment software cost typically ranges between $50 and $100 per user per month, or as a one-time expense, between $250 and $1,000 per user.

  • What kind of software do recruiters use?

CRM (candidate relation management) recruitment uses another type of software, similar to an ATS. An ATS can manage applications for every job, but a CRM helps to nurture relationships with job candidates.

  • Why do companies hire recruitment agencies?

Recruitment companies, also known as employment agencies or recruitment firms, act as intermediaries between employers and job seekers. Employers use them to search for suitable candidates to fill their vacancies. Many employers use them, and you may be able to get jobs that haven’t been advertised elsewhere.

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