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Looking for the best mobile app development agency in the US? Your search ends here. LitSpark is the best and most renowned web and mobile app development company. We are deeply committed to creating highly captivating apps that carefully adhere to business needs and serving a wide range of projects with the utmost client satisfaction in mind. With exceptional expertise & years of experience, we dig deep to develop robust mobile app solutions, dedicating excellence to every project we do & every task we undertake.

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Our Promise

We promise to provide our customers with the greatest solution, the best service possible, and wholehearted support. Choose LitSpark Solution and get the subsequent benefits:

Build Better Apps

We have a team of specialized specimens who believe in achieving excellence. With our top-notch skills, we will guarantee you to build an app that transforms your business to the highest peak.

Experienced Developers

We at LitSpark Solution have a team of fully trained and specialized developers who create a solution that goes with your requirement and helps your business grow.

Affordable Plans

We designed and developed an app according to your requirement that matches your goals, budget, and timeline. We will ensure to deliver you the best product at the best price possible.

Full Visibility

We believe that our client is what matters to us the most, and we provide them with effective communication and full visibility from day one for a clear vision and transparency.

Proven Track Records

We have worked with numerous high-profile clients and found success in providing them with desired results. Explore our portfolio for some quick references.

Data-driven Results

Based on the robust data gathered, we build solutions to enhance your customer’s needs with a progressive outlook that meets the need of changing dynamics of the marketplace.

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Why Do You Need App Development Services?

Performance – one of the biggest predictors of app success – we take it damn seriously. We foolproof our mobile app development process to ensure your idea doesn’t turn into a horror story. By reducing the app’s response lag, eliminating data redundancy, optimizing memory allocation, and implementing high-end data encryption, you get an incredible mobile app experience. And it is evident from our clients’ raking user base in App Store and Google Play Store, especially as leading app developers in New York and beyond.

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Our App Development Services

iOS App Development

Did you know that Apple users are more devoted to their favorite brands than Android users? So an iOS app development will undoubtedly be profitable! At LitSparK Solutions, we build iOS mobile applications from the ground up and can convert your existing Android app to iOS.

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Android App Development

By combining deep industry concepts and leadership in mobile technology, we at LitSpark Solutions help companies create and scale android scale mobile application solutions – across different platforms and connected devices through process innovation and design thinking.

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Native Apps

We at LitSpark solutions believe in providing next-generation React Native Development Services with a clear vision of your business requirements and offering an unrivaled solution for creating a robust mobile experience.

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Hybrid Apps (Cross Platform)

Get premium mobile applications that work across various platforms for affordable prices while giving your users an app that is compatible with their OS. We at LitSpark Solutions create adaptable cross-platform and hybrid products that speed up the time to market and help you cut investment expenses by using a single code base.

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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

We at LitSpark Solutions create progressive Web Apps for your business, incorporating the best technical approaches in mobile and web applications. These apps are advantageous in terms of simplicity of development and distribution, as well as several other benefits. Connect with us today and explore the benefits.

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Mobile App Development Services for Enterprise, SMEs & Startups

Whether you are a startup owner or a big enterprise, we have something for every industry that can meet your requirements and budget. So connect now and make your app like no other!


Looking for an app development company that can customize your app according to your directive? LitSpark comes to the rescue! Our team of specialists will customize your app just the way you dreamt about it.


Searching for the best in-house app development company for SMEs? LitSpark got your back! With the experience of building big-budget and budget-friendly apps, we can be your trustworthy partner.


Wondering about building an app but stuck due to a lack of budget? Don’t worry; we are here to help! At LitSpark, we customize apps according to your budget and necessities. Connect today!

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Our Working Process

We are a Regiment of Talented Workforce that Believes in Innovation and Implementation


App Concept

Every custom software project starts with a thorough analysis of the software life cycle and project requirements. To define the parameters of your project and create a strategy, a project manager and an account executive will collaborate with you.


Determine Technical Requirements

We’ll assist you in determining your company’s needs for security and encryption, the pricing of developing custom software, database and cloud software, and integration with existing gear and software.


Dynamic Development

The project is developed across multiple iterative cycles using agile software development. You are periodically provided with new builds of the project in order to get your feedback and incorporate your comments and recommendations into the project.


Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance teams make sure the product is thoroughly tested throughout active development, searching for and removing any defects discovered. The software will be ready for prime time once it has been distributed to your user base.



Your app is deployed and made accessible to the public on the relevant marketplace for its platform after the conclusion of the QA process. From here, you may advertise your app, attract its initial users, and expand your company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mobile application development costs depend on many factors, such as the development platform, application categories, application complexity, developer country, and the number of features you need in your application. Contact us with your need to recover application development costs.
React Native, Ionic Framework, Node, Xamarin, Native Script, Adobe PhoneGap, and Flutter are the top frameworks for creating the best mobile apps.
There isn't a single template for a mobile app development requirements document that will work for all projects, although many of them share the same components. These consist of: objectives for apps and businesses, user personas and stories for apps, functional and non-functional needs, as well as app features, user experience, user flow and design cues, technology for apps and infrastructure needs, constraints, assumptions, and dependencies.
Before choosing a platform for application development, consider answering these basic things: One can be Who is the target group for your application? What do users expect? What are the development costs? What are the consequences for safety? How well does the mobile application development platform work with other platforms?
Mobile apps give consumers practical access to the goods, data, procedures, and services they would need in the present. Additionally, it allows the company to notify customers about new or modified goods and services. The apps carry out basic tasks even without an internet connection.
Because of Flutter's code reuse capabilities, you can create just one codebase and utilize it across several platforms, including the web, desktop, Android, and iOS. This allows you to deploy your software more quickly, removes costs, and drastically reduces development time.
Security of the app idea, effective delivery management, customer reviews, feedback and app designing guidelines. QA and testing methods you can trust. Should all be considered when choosing mobile app development companies.

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"You have to not worry about your product if your product is in litspark hand, 1- quality work 2- deliver on time 3- supportive nature"

Jitendra Kumar
Owner @ SIC Insurance

"The best part about them is that they take us very seriously and always go out of their way to make sure we understand what we are getting at any moment. Superb guys. Stay in touch."

Ramesh Patel
Director @ Gasman4U

"LitSpark shattered my expectations and have gone above and beyond what I thought was possible."

CEO @ Fimo

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