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The Complete Checklist To Hire React Native Developers

“Do Not Hire A Man Who Does Your Work For Money, But Him Who Does It For The Love Of It” – Henry David Thoreau Author of Walden, Philosopher

React Native is one of the well-liked technology platforms that many businesses utilize to develop feature-rich mobile applications. It has already gained a high enough level of acceptance among developers worldwide. Over 21,000 developers have stated that they routinely use StackShare, according to data on the site. React Native alone, however, cannot guarantee the success of your application. Employ a developer of react native apps which can help you create your perfect project.

Yes, the hiring process can be challenging. But we’re here to simplify things with this quick reference blog that covers various topics, provides solutions to numerous issues that are certain to arise, and aids in your decision-making. So let’s begin by outlining the primary duties and obligations when you find react native developers.

Complete Checklist to Hire React Native Developers
Complete Checklist to Hire React Native Developers

Expected roles and responsibilities of React Native Developers

Converting your requirements into clear, simple, and manageable code is one of the core duties of certified React Native developers. But this is insufficient. Regardless of their background or area of expertise, there are other considerations while designing an app. To help you get a better sense, below is a list of some of the real jobs and duties of a React Native Developer.

  • Constructing user interfaces with an intuitive native feel for iOS and Android.
  • Adhering to your company’s development process guidelines.
  • Coding from wire frames and prototypes with the highest standards.
  • Spotting potential bugs and correcting them as necessary.
  • Monitoring performance gaps and using native modules as necessary.
  • Implement animations and transitions that are clear, contemporary, and seamless to provide a user-friendly experience.
  • Creating extensible front-end repositories and interchangeable components.
  • Writing integration and unit tests. Synchronizing automated tests to maintain software quality.
  • Using third-party APIs to integrate your business with different frameworks.
  • Putting your programs up for download on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or any other platform for publishing enterprise apps.

Why is there a need to Hire React Native Developers for projects?

According to a reputable survey, 38% of all developers globally in 2021 favoured using this technology to create native mobile applications. Moreover, this technology is widely used by numerous international companies, including UberEats, Instagram, Facebook, Bloomberg, Airbnb, etc. This clarifies the importance of this platform, and by working with React Native developers, you will undoubtedly move closer to utilizing it to its fullest potential. Here are some advantages prospective Top React Native developers could offer your company.

  1. Low cost and faster app development 

You only need one team to develop your app instead of two separate ones. This facilitates rapid app development while lowering overhead expenses for hardware, infrastructure, operational resources, etc.

  1. Cross-platform app development

React Native creates cross-platform applications from a single codebase. As a result, when you engage React Native app developers, you will be allowed to develop sophisticated applications ready to run on many operating systems.

  1. Interactive UI/UX Design

Hire a remote react native developer who will enable you to create highly responsive UI/UX designs with shorter loading times. As a result, you can design engaging user experiences and better explore native libraries.

  1. Easy Coding

Because the code is interchangeable, you can save time and effort by hiring a react native app programmer. The development cycle can be shortened using the same code for all platforms. This facilitates coding and enables your business to provide high-quality products on demand.

  1. Native Feel 

Employ specialized React Native developers to release native Android and iOS apps. Additionally, you have adequate room to align your apps with Material Design and the iOS Human Interface Guidelines (for Android).

  1. High Performance

Instead of concentrating on WebView, you may use local APIs to create web and mobile applications that perform better. Additionally, managing the complete software development life cycle becomes simple for you.

How Much Does Hiring React Native Developers Cost?

While reading the preceding, the only thought that must be running through your head constantly is how much it will ultimately cost to hire a react native programmer. The answer is entirely dependent upon the nature of your project. The type of app you intend to create and the resources required for each development step must be determined beforehand. The aims and objectives of your project should be crystal obvious to you. The expected result must also be taken into account.

Factors like experience, location, and work history affect the price. But don’t forget that the project’s scope and the completion deadline are crucial factors in determining the pricing structure. Deciding whether you want one-time assistance, a model based on contracts, or a committed long-term collaboration is therefore vital. This can help you acquire top-notch developers within your budget while improving your product roadmap.

Ways to Find React Native Developers

You now have the standards to verify a developer’s reliability. The next step is to engage the services of resources who can assist you in locating developers or a development team of your choice. You have two options: either assemble an internal development team or employ freelancers. But outsourcing your project requirements is the most brilliant strategy to attract the best candidates.

This is because hiring an in-house staff will provide you access to a larger pool of expertise, while using freelancers may prove unreliable when handling complex projects. On the other hand, working with a software development business can assist you in smoothly overcoming these difficulties.

Here are some advantages of hiring a react native agency for your project.

  • Complete project management and assistance for any straightforward, intricate, large-scale project.
  • With most openness, monitor and review project progress daily or weekly.
  • Get thorough React Native consulting at any stage of development.
  • Gain access to various qualified developers and pick the specialists you want.
  • Hire a react native agency based on your project’s needs and budget.
  • With adaptable hiring and pricing methods, you can change the size of your staff at any time.
  • Delivering high-quality work on schedule requires expertise in various technologies and techniques.
  • Quality control and error-free development were given top priority.
  • Quick and painless on-boarding with a separate account manager.
  • Industry-recognized procedures to guarantee the security and confidentiality of your code.

In addition, you can use other hiring tools, such as reviews and recommendations, go to events (such as technology conferences and hackathons), use open-source coding platforms, visit reputable tech universities, and participate in events.

Why Choose LitSpark Solutions for React Native Developers?

We at LitSpark Solutions guarantee to develop your app just as you imagined! Hiring our React Native developers and getting the following benefits.

  • Design with precision

Our expert developers offer beautiful designs that look good.

  • Well-Organized

We provide a well-thought-out approach that considers the company’s demands.

  • Consistency

We follow a rigorous quality standard and uphold it consistently.

  • Highly Economical

Hiring from us offers affordable React Native developers services.


Before making a decision, there are a few things to think about while developing apps with React Native. And choosing the right developers and development team is one of the most crucial aspects you should never underestimate. Make sure the react native developers for hire you select gets along well with your existing unit, understands your vision, and have the skills required to satisfy your needs. As a result, your projects will be in capable hands, and your company will gain over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to hire react native app developers?

The hourly fee for hiring remote react native developers would be between $5 and $93, with an average cost of hiring them ranging from $10,723 to $157,300.

  • Can I hire a react native app developer for project-based tasks?

Yes, with LitSpark Solutions now, you can hire developers on a project basis, hourly, and monthly basis at your convenience.

  • What skills should I look for before hiring a react native app developer?

Before hiring a react native app developer, there are some skills one can look for: outstanding command of JavaScript, understanding of the fundamental react assumptions, and knowledge of iOS and android development, getting top-notch developers in one week, and Knowledge of practical tech tools, creating readable code.

  • Will I get maintenance services after the deployment of the application?

Yes, we assure support & maintenance service after deployment, so our client doesn’t have to worry about anything.

  • Why should I hire dedicated react native app developers?

Hiring specialized react native developers who focus entirely on your projects is a good idea if you want projects delivered more quickly for a lower expenditure. Other advantages of the committed team include the development team functions as your internal staff.

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