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Hire android app developers anytime and anywhere in the world to build responsive and feature-rich Android apps. LitSpark provide end-to-end mobile app development.

  • 360-degree solution
  • Process-oriented team
  • Complete control over the team
  • Proficient full-stack Android app developer
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How can your business profit from employing offshore Android app developers?

Our team at LitSpark Solutions ensures that your app development process is safe and ready to launch. To acquire cost-effective solutions, you can connect with our top IT specialists. Hiring our Android developers has the following benefits:

Wide-ranging Experience

Hiring Android app developers from LitSpark gives you access to experts who know the most advanced tools and technologies to help grow your business.

Reduce the Cost of Training

When you employ Android app developers from LitSpark, you do not need to spend money or time on training. Instead, build your app effectively and flourish.

Security and Privacy

The primary goal of reputable organizations is to protect our clients’ ideas and information. So, all of the project’s intellectual property will belong to you.

Affordable Solutions

We provide the best mix of affordable prices and outstanding quality to provide the most competitive pricing in the market. Get the best solutions today!

Hire a full-time Committed Android developer in the USA

More people than ever before prefer to shop online using their Android smartphones. As a result, hiring an Android developer in the USA is crucial for your company if you want to capitalize on this trend. Concerned about where to find a professional developer so quickly? No issue. LitSpark offers flexible hiring options for Android developers. The company’s Android developer is available to work at your place or our location.

Following the project’s needs, you can hire an Android developer in the USA for various time frames ranging from days to weeks and months. It is Android. The developer of LitSpark Solutions works as an outsource for Android app development of work directly alongside you at your workplace so that you maintain complete control over the project. So What are you waiting for? Hire from us and get a myriad of benefits.

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Hire Dedicated Android Developer

Experience Unparalleled Knowledge in Android App Development With LitSpark Solutions

To acquire reliable Android app development solutions, hire Android app developers from us. Our skilled staff has years of experience creating Android apps for companies across various industries.

Custom Android App Development

Custom Android App Development

Hiring the most recent Android SDKs and designing custom Android apps. To help you create apps your consumers would adore, our developers know the most recent trends and technology in Android app development. Contact our experts for the most realistic Android SDKs software development solutions.

Full Stack Android App Development

Full Stack Android App Development

For your company’s full-stack Android app development, hire developers from LitSpark. By handling your complex tasks efficiently, we can assist you in generating visitors and increasing sales. In addition, our knowledgeable geeks are prepared to take your front-end, and back-end development needs anytime.

AI Based Android App Development

AI-based Android App Development

You may create exceptional and cutting-edge Android-based apps when you engage LitSpark as your Android app development company. Our team has years of experience using machine learning algorithms to develop creative and clever apps. Get the most excellent tactics you can to improve your company.

AR/VR Mobile App Development

AR/VR-based Android App Development

Hiring app developers can create the most cutting-edge, authentic, and engaging AR/VR-based Android apps. Our years of experience and competence in AR/VR technology have turned company concepts into practical Android applications. For desktop and mobile, we provide multi-platform AR VR app development services.

Wearable Application Development

Wearable Based Android App Development

With the help of a highly skilled group of top Android app developers, create worry-free wearable-based Android applications. We have experience working with broad technologies, including wearable technology and loT. So employ devoted Android app developers right now and be the best wearable android app company.

Android Game App Development

Android Game App Development

With LitSpark Solution, you will develop the best Android games. Our top Android app developers will help your organisation advance through digital transformation. Hire dedicated Android app developers to design your own Android game and dominate the market. Access advanced game design with us to make you thrive in the market.

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Skillset of Our Android Developer's

A Solid Understanding of the Android SDK

Expert in the whole activity lifecycle and designs and layouts for Java SDK.

Offline Archiving and Performance Optimization

Knowledge of threading, background services, offline storage, and code optimization for the app’s performance.

Vast Knowledge of Rest APIs

We Comprehend REST APIs for using web services in mobile apps.

Push Alerts and APIs for Cloud Messages

We adhere to having proficiency in FCM’s messaging and push notification services.

Code Version

Together with other teams, our experts maintain all changed code versions in SVN and Git tools.

Coding Protocol

For creating the standard MVP and MVVM, our experienced team adhere to Android patterns.

Android Futuristic Platform

Why is Android considered a futuristic platform?

Android commands a considerable amount of market share. It is a superior operating system with one of the wealthiest user bases. A well-designed Android app can cater to the high caste of Android users. Android is widely used because a wide range of devices, from entry-level to high-end, are readily available.

Here are a few remarkable advantages of developing Android apps and how this platform may benefit your business.

  • Excellent return on investment
  • Improved Security
  • Greatest Scalability
  • Instant sanction in the Play Store
  • Target a variety of frameworks.
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Why Hire Android Developer from LitSpark Solutions?

Because we provide the highest-calibre and most efficient app development services, we are your best choice if you’re looking to employ Android app developers in the USA.

100% Safe and Secure Solutions

At LitSpark, the security of our client’s data is our priority. We thus make all essential efforts to guarantee our services’ complete security and safety since quality matters at the end of the day.

Assured Quality

Our quality assurance specialists will thoroughly check whether the project satisfies the business requirements at each given time. And after that, we begin. Hence delivered full assured quality.

Timely Analytics and Reports

There is no way to determine the effectiveness of any application without measuring, reporting, and analysing its performance. Therefore, we offer reporting and analytics options.

Complete Accuracy

We frequently work on a project to ensure that the anticipated satisfaction levels are met, and we often address various anomalies until they are fixed. So our clients get accurate projects delivered.

Support & Maintenance

We know that a business does not engage a programmer to design an Android app for a single project. So we commit to giving our clients any post-sale assistance they may need or require.

Instant Feedback

We are uncompromising about keeping our clients informed, so we give them access to real-time reporting so that they may provide immediate feedback. And we function to improve them immediately.

Hire Android Developers in 4 Steps


Need & Requirement

The first and foremost step is to get all the necessary client information. Getting to know their requirements will eventually help in working accurately and accordingly.



Now that we understand your requirements. We will present you with a list of various Android app developers to choose from after thorough screening by our recruitment staff.


Make Your Decision

Once you approve the applicants, we assist them seamlessly into your project. Again, you have a choice in the management strategy and tools. We operate on things you want.


Start the Development

In the end, having more expertise on your team that you have total control over is advantageous. It’s like having extra in-house staff members even that work from home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To utilise the complete application, you must first register an account. The average development time for these apps is 20 hours, and the annual cost to engage an Android app developer ranges from $6,000 to $30,000.
The backend, iOS, and Android apps should all be developed simultaneously. It can be completed in two months for a smaller version, three to five months for a mid-sized app, and six months for a large app. Moreover, it is also depending upon the developer you are hiring.
NDAs are one-page documents that each creator electronically signs. Although not all projects call for anonymity, we provide all clients with the choice.
We know that a business does not engage a programmer to design an Android app for a single project. So we commit to giving our clients any post-sale assistance they may need.
Unquestionably, yes! If you hire a full-stack developer, they will toil long and hard to finish your project on schedule. But on the other hand, you will have total control over the project.
The process of creating an app includes testing. Before making your app available to the public, it's a critical step to confirm its accuracy, usability, and functional behaviour by regularly testing it. So yes, we do include testing in android development.
Our developers are highly efficient in programming languages, have problem-solving skills, pay attention to detail, have patience, understand all your needs, and possess good communication skills.
We employ various technologies to manage our code; it is essential to have error-free coding from the outset to reduce unnecessary costs and turnaround time. This is how we guarantee bug-free codes at all times.

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