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Looking To Hire An iOS Developer? Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

Hire people who are smarter than you are—whose talents surpass yours—and give them opportunities for growth. It’s the smart thing to do and it is a sign of high personal humility. 

-Bruna Martinuzzi

Unsurprisingly, Apple has been famous and loyal to its customer base for decades. So if you are here to hire iOS app developers (Kanoi, Computer and 2013, 2013) and use your new app to reach out to users of the iPhone and iPad, the pretext will guide you in doing so.

The number of iOS mobile applications released through the Apple Store has steadily increased, peaking at 2.2 million in the first quarter of 2021. The top-rated mobile applications on the Apple Store’s result page have millions of reviews with an average star rating of 3.35.

Looking to Hire an iOS Developer?
Looking to Hire an iOS Developer?

Essential Requirements to Build Your iOS Empire

Suppose you’re set on initiating your journey within this lucrative iOS industry. In that case, you need an app that can be designed and developed to enable you to provide customers with a genuinely exceptional experience. And this happens only when we hire an iOS developer who guarantees the most excellent services. Most importantly, you require certain elements to ensure the success of this project, which are:

  • high-quality project management
  • a successful IT infrastructure
  • A successful development strategy (Carpathian and 2012) highlights the aim of hiring swift developers, ios programmers, and iOS game developers.

Levels of iOS Developers Based on Skill Set

  • Suppose you’re considering employing a novice who can operate best under the direction of more experienced professionals and falls within your budget. In that case, you should search for junior iOS engineers with at least two years of experience.
  • The next category belongs to the mid-level iOS developers with experience of 2-5 years. They are pretty experienced in working without any guidance.
  • Programmers with this level of expertise have done multiple complicated operations with an experience of more than five years. They contribute significantly to various tasks, including architectural selection and software testing.

Top Qualities to Look for in iOS Developers

There is no reason iOS shouldn’t be the most popular platform for developers worldwide, given that iOS developers are one of the most sought-after experts and their skills are among the most in-demand skills.

Technical Qualifications and Skills Required

To hire iPhone application developers who do remarkable work, you must look out for the ones that are well versed with the technical qualities mentioned below:

  • Understanding the Xcode IDE
This crucial tool offers a fantastic user experience by cutting the development time and expense for iOS app development. An IDE comprises means and programming fundamentals for automation, debugging, programming, interpretation, and compiling to make the process easier. When we hire iOS programmers, we may utilize the benefits of an IDE.
  • Working with Core Data
Core Data has various uses, including supporting the model layer, considering using the data for offline use, caching temporary data, and adding undo capabilities to an app on a single device. When we hire iOS developers, they can use Core Data to build customer-centric applications.
  • Ability to reason logically
It’s crucial to realize that we construct reliable and user-friendly apps in addition to building and creating various iOS platforms. To develop reliable and user-friendly apps, we must hire iOS developers that comprehend the user’s point of view.
  • Versed with unit testing
A feature that evaluates how effectively the application performs, ensuring that each function is functional and aiding in problem prevention. Calculating how much time is spent on each activity in your app allows you to run codes that can assist solve and identify any issues as soon as possible.
  • Ability to reason logically
It’s crucial to realize that we construct reliable and user-friendly apps in addition to building and creating various iOS platforms. To develop reliable and user-friendly apps, we must hire iOS developers that comprehend the user’s point of view.

Non-Technical Qualifications and Skills Required

Specialized soft skills, sometimes known as non-technical abilities, are crucial to developers’ success. So, the following non-technical skills that are given below are essential and should be considered when you hire an iPhone developer.

  • Ability to function in a team
When opting to hire iOS app developers, two crucial skills must be considered: being a team member and being a strong communicator. Even though some people have trouble working in a team, preserving the team’s dynamics is vital. So search for developers who can leverage their abilities for the team’s benefit and who collaborate well.
  • Power to uphold critical thinking
As there is no doubt that iOS app development is not an easy ride, we must hire personnel that can integrate critical thinking with technical thinking. Therefore, good analyzing power and rational thought are all you require while we hire an iPhone application developer.
  • Quality to deal with changes
Adjusting and constantly learning to deal with change when things don’t go as planned is essential.  Employing people who can adapt to a continually changing environment and learn to incorporate those changes into your app make it more appropriate for the circumstances.

Difference Between Native and Hybrid App Development

Native apps provide a better experience for users because they take advantage of hardware features unique to the device. Additionally, these apps offer superior performance and security. However, developing native apps will cost more money.

On the other side, hybrid apps can function on iOS and Android and have a single codebase. Although they don’t provide a native user experience, they are less expensive to design and allow you to publish your app more quickly.

Functionalities of a Code Reviewer

Implementing validation testing and reviewing is crucial since it offers your team a thorough verification method. It is stated that fixing bugs cost less the earlier you find them. This is when verification, which is, in fact, a structured and organized system of evaluation, comes into play. (Jiang and Vesin, 2016)

Experts or senior developers who review code exhibit in-depth technical expertise, superior software knowledge, a thorough understanding of error prevention techniques, and exceptional soft skills. They should also have excellent development experience to encourage developer cooperation. Let’s take a glance at some of the functionalities provided by a code reviewer:

  • To find those easily accomplished codes, they use automated code review methods.
  •  Check if the code compiles and follows all relevant rules and regulations.
  •  Review the codes to see if they will produce the desired functions.
  • Provides a high-end and robust system of verification and validation process to help your iOS app development project succeed quickly.

Gaming, a Growing App Development Industry

The COVID-19 effect on indoor activities has contributed to the gaming industry’s expansion and development. The value of the video game business was estimated to be $159.3 billion in 2020 to more recent sources. The demand for professionals in the field is impacted by such development. As a result, the work of hiring iOS game developers and engineers becomes much more difficult, which increases competitiveness in this market. The following step is always to assemble a group of experts and developers to implement the game project once the idea has been established. Finding the top game developers passionate about video games and game design is a severe challenge.


From gathering client requirements and planning to building a scalable UI and integrating all elements, iOS developers are responsible for doing it. At the same time, it is crucial to consider that every stage of the creation of an iOS app involves the involvement of iOS developers. 

Examine all the necessary technical and non-technical talents to find the best iOS developer because their employment is essential for app development. If you’re only looking to recruit for a specific project, you can also look to hire swift app developers, freelance iOS developers, or iOS game developers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Where can I hire an app developer? 

Hiring an app developer can be a difficult task. However, we at LitSpark provide you with the best-experienced developers to develop your app like no other. Connect today!

  • Do your iOS developers work in Agile/Scrum methodology?

The agile mobile app development methodology is one of the most successful strategies for all software development organizations because it ensures a proper communication channel, which aids in executing any software by both clients and app developers.

  • Do you developers work on Objective C or Swift framework?

The size of your app will determine this. Swift is likely suitable for smaller tasks. It is undoubtedly more pleasant to deal with as a language than Objective-C.

  • Who does deployment of applications on the app store?

The process of installing, configuring, and enabling a particular programme depends on the size of your app and is also known as software deployment. You can publish your mobile applications directly to app stores using App Center Distribute.

  • How much does it cost to hire an iOS app developer?

There is no accurate cost; it can vary per your requirements. However, the average hourly wage for a developer who can produce an iOS app is between $50 and $85.

  • What is the minimum experience of your iOS developers?

Mid-level iOS positions typically require 1.5 years of full-time experience, whereas senior positions require 2.5 years. A software engineering or computer science bachelor’s degree. A track record of success as a software developer. Competent in Swift, Cocoa Touch, and Objective-C. Extensive knowledge of iOS frameworks including Core Animation and Core Data.

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