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Reasons Why product photo and video shoot are Important

A video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your existing marketing efforts.

To Build Trust

People do not always believe in what you’ve said in words but tend to believe what is shown in the picture. So if you want to earn your customer’s trust, you should communicate with them visually. The right way to earn customers’ trust is by making your product visually appealing.

Setting the Right Expectation

When people return a product they received from online stores, the reason shown would be that the product is completely different from the product photo. The right photograph of your product will solve these problems. In addition, it will set the right expectations for your product.

Avoiding Competitors

You don’t have to worry about your competitors when you publish excellent product photos. Instead, talk to your customer about the uniqueness of your product through photos. People love to see things directly rather than reading and imagining when it comes to online shopping.

Making a Good Impression

People believe in quality, and they search for quality everywhere. If your product photo has enough quality, then it is enough to create an impression. On the other hand, if your product is top quality and your photos are poor, half of your customers will turn their back on your products.

Crucial in Decision Making

75% of online shoppers make the decision depending on the product images. Nowadays, your product photo will describe its customer base. The better the quality of the photo, the more it attracts customers. So it is crucial to provide the best of your ability in product photography and videography.

To Connect with the Customer

When you provide lifestyle photography or videography of your product, your customers tend to connect with the product more easily. They will imagine themselves with the product, and eventually, it can impact your sales. As a result, your customer’s trust and connection with your product grow.

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Our Video Production Services

An Overview of what we do!

Product Photo Shoot Agency in US

Product Photography

We offer top-class product photography for your products. Individual shots, group shots, lifestyle shots, detailed shots, and a lot more are provided by us.

Product Video Shoot Agency in US

Product Videography

To connect your product with your customers, we offer you quality videos of your product. All styles of videography, including explanatory product videos, advertisements, etc., will be delivered for you.

Corporate Video Shoot Agency in US

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos bring more eyes to your brand and product. We at LitSpark Solutions desire to build your brand even stronger and create brand awareness. So your brand creation is now just a click away from you.

Benefits of Product Video Production

In recent years, creating product videos for e-commerce has become standard practice. Due to the higher retention power of product videos and the increased traffic on social media and other digital platforms, it is now more crucial than ever to inform potential customers about a product. In addition, you can explain the specifics of your product to your audience without overwhelming them with technical jargon by demonstrating how it can be used in real-world situations.

One of the best product video production companies is LitSpark, which offers a wide range of services from pre- to post-production, including product video shoots in Delhi and other cities across the nation. We have been producing videos for more than ten years, which makes us a desirable location for many well-known Indian and foreign brands. Therefore, feel free to contact us if you want to learn how product video can help you expand your business.

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Video Production Company in US
Product Video Shoot Company in US

Get High Quality Product Videos for Your Business

A product video explains the product and gives brands and businesses a way to communicate with potential customers. Being an expert in producing product videos, LitSpark Solution is aware that a product video’s primary goal is to create a need for the product in the audience and brand affinity. Therefore, our highly skilled professionals collaborate to highlight your product and company in the best possible way, whether through the production of product demo videos or digital or TV commercials.

As a creative agency, we rely on a combination of stunning shots, features, complementary music, graphics, a compelling story, and stylish cuts and transitions that guarantee the audience will watch the product video with rapt attention. Therefore, you need to get in touch with us if you need high-quality product videos.

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Your Reliable Product Video Production Company in US: Time, Budget, Quality & Creative Approach

Today, most brands need to market their products using a well-made product video. In addition to emphasizing the product’s features, this type of video needs to convince the audience that they need the product. Each step in the production process—from picking the background for the video to organizing and carrying out concepts to make your vision a reality—offers a chance to push the limits of creativity in the video.

LitSpark Solutions is the most reputable product video production company in the USA. It provides services for all types of video production, whether it be the production of an animated video, an advertisement, or a product demonstration video. We promise to deliver high-quality results in the allotted time and budget. Therefore, get in touch with us, and we’ll take care of the rest if you need a company that always employs a creative approach for demo video production services.

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Product Photo Shoot Company in US

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The answer is quick “if possible”. However, before you start shooting, you need to know many things: Description of your product, The exact number of shots you order, You know the angles and locations of the product and shoot to the right or at an angle if the customer requires special requirements, The final image format; if you are unsure, we can guide you. However, we will use our best judgment if the customer does not provide any special requirements. With hundreds of shooters and clients, our instincts are good. However, there is always the possibility that the client’s expectations may not match.
“How many photos will I get?” question. This question will help the client decide and compare the price per picture. So keep it realistic and possible. You can get an idea of ​​the prices by going to our price table for the product photo. The price should reflect the value of your shoots and should not be too high or too low. The price should be given according to requirements such as creative photos, commercial photos, photos from the e-shop, requirements for models, hair and makeup, costume requirements, and so on. For a more accurate idea of ​​the price, please contact us.
The basic software with the new camera we purchased is quite rudimentary in its approach and doesn't allow for any editing. Therefore, having new or more sophisticated post-processing software is crucial for the picture shoot of a product. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Illustrator are a few of the programs we use. Each photo has a unique perspective, so we chose the program based on the shoot's needs.
People often only retain 20% of what they read while remembering 80% of what they see. Even if investing more money in product photography is necessary, it is worth it. You want people to choose your product or service because that is what you want to happen in the end, and nobody wants to compromise on the result. Choosing the ideal photo session for your product cannot be overstated; otherwise, you risk losing out on some significant sales.
This query aids the client in choosing and evaluating the cost per image. Maintain it as realistically as you can. By visiting our Pricing table for product photography, you may get a general sense of the costs. Your shoots must be priced fairly, and neither too little nor too much should be charged. The specifications must determine the cost, which may include the need for models, hair and make-up, specific clothing needs, commercial or editorial photography, or e-commerce photography. Please call us for a more accurate estimate of the cost.

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