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Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers

Let’s go over each one individually. First, evaluate whether this description applies to you. For example, you are a businessman who wants to develop a mobile app. You require the application but don’t have the time or resources to hire specialized mobile developers. Do you feel like we’re talking about you? If yes, it would be best to look into a specialized employment strategy immediately.

Think about the benefits of hiring dedicated developers instead of contractors or in-house developers.

Adaptable Hiring

A dedicated mobile app developer can be hired on a project-by-project basis rather than on a full-time basis, and they can also be relieved once the work is finished.

Communicate Directly

Communication is essential. You will have complete control over the procedure and be able to communicate directly with the trained staff whenever you want.

Cost and Time Effective

The dedicated hiring model is cost- and time-effective because you are not accountable for these developers’ year-round overhead. No ongoing deadline reminders are required.

Improve Productivity

Instead of overseeing the developer you hired, you might spend more time on your main responsibilities. This enables you to concentrate on other crucial project goals.

Dedicated Developers To Hire

Are you searching for specialised mobile developers to work in a particular industry? However, you have found nothing. In that case, don’t worry, we have got your back! We at LitSpark Solutions provide dedicated developers for a wide range of technologies.

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Hiring Developers in US

Why Hire Dedicated Developers?

Do you run a business? Do you want to create a mobile application for your company? Have you got the tools you need to oversee the software development process? It would be best if you worked with specialists. This is so that you are not required to supervise the hired expert in a dedicated team model. We’ll deal with it for you.

Employing specialised personnel from a reputable online and mobile application development company, like LitSpark Solutions, ensures that your work will be finished correctly, promptly, and to your satisfaction. Popular mobile and online applications.

Employing devoted developers allows you to avoid the costs of hiring, training, and maintaining infrastructure. You must validate your idea, work with the best developers, and finish the project.

Our Resource Hiring Plans

We at LitSpark’s priority is to deliver strategies that work and spot new opportunities using information, knowledge, and technology, leading to easier, quicker, and more intelligent talent solutions.

Full Time Hiring

This option will give you a full-time developer working from the India development centre. They will exclusively assign the developer to work for you in no time. Get expert developers that will lead your growth from us.

Pay As You Go Hiring

This option is for those who hire a developer on demand. You can buy blocks of hours and assign work as soon as the league gets exhausted, which helps you employ developers when and for how much time you need.

Fixed Cost Hiring

This option is best suited for you if your scope of work is fixed and you know what exactly will match it. Then, we will provide the pricing and estimated delivery timelines to you. And if its suits your budget, we will get started!

Why LitSpark for Resource Hiring?

Our resource outsourcing company takes pride in saying that our provided resources are tested even before the interview round and have the caliber to perform on the best benchmarks. We provide one of the best services for Resource Hiring for USA Companies.

  • Qualified Candidates

We have brilliant candidates, each with their own unique skill sets and knowledge.

  • Seamless Communication

Reaching out to our team is as easy as sending a message through Skype, email, or other messaging platforms.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that all of your requirements are met and that our services exceed your expectations.

  • Reasonable Rate

We offer you better value blended with excellent quality and service for your investment than other companies.

  • Committed Management

Our strong project and time management methods enable us to deal with numerous projects at one time without forfeiting quality.

Process of Hiring

Here is how we do it



You inform us of your requirements, preferences, a rough plan of what you hope to achieve, the time frame, and other information.



We will assess your needs based on the initial enquiry, shortlist the best resources, and do additional testing for you.



The client can decide on any quantity of the necessary resources used and the duration, fees, and working method.


Get Started

The resource will be reachable via Slack, Skype, or any other chosen channel. Regular or daily work updates will be given.



The client will have complete control over the assigned resources, managing their work, and managing communication.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We take advantage of a comprehensive business needs assessment and solution design process to provide a complete solution, including fixed fee quotes (no more than) for developing all custom software solutions. Costs are based solely on the effort (number of hours) required for each level of development staff to implement and deliver solutions from the discovery process.
When you hire developers, you should already know how they will benefit your startup. However, because a startup can't afford the wrong hires, you must carefully list your priorities, whether it outsources or not.
In IT firms, software developers are in high demand. These businesses employ software developers to develop and program the software they sell to customers. To stand out from the competition, applicants must possess expert technical knowledge and programming abilities.
Finding the ideal candidate for your software job won't be a quick process, with the typical hiring process taking 35 days. Depending on how experienced your business is with hiring software engineers, this estimate may change.
Identify the candidate profile and hiring criteria. You have a better chance of success the more time you give yourself to prepare for your hire, analyze the engineering landscape, compare salaries, verify the talent's availability, build your hiring funnel, and improve the hiring procedure.
Identify the candidate profile and hiring criteria. You have a better chance of success the more time you give yourself to prepare for your hire, analyze the engineering landscape, compare salaries, verify the talent's availability, build your hiring funnel, and improve the hiring procedure.
Our search and hiring processes get started right away. First, you will provide The Resource with the position's specifics so we can send the best candidates for your requirements. We can choose the most qualified candidates by thoroughly comprehending your needs and the job's requirements. A job description for the position and salary information will be requested from you. In addition, we'll give you a rate letter, details of our services, and policies.
We know that not every job is a good fit for every individual, and occasionally this isn't apparent until the person is employed. Our temporary-to-hire program allows you to observe a candidate in a work environment and decide if you want to hire them. We can replace a worker if you're not happy with them. Additionally, we provide direct placement services, and the guarantees for each client vary depending on the contract.
Some of our clients ask for a drug test, a driving record, or a criminal history check. We can fulfill additional background or security check requirements in addition to offering these services.
Depending on your particular needs, it may take longer or shorter to find you a suitable employee. We pledge to send only the most qualified candidates. We can fill a position based on the qualifications you provide, or you can choose to look at the most qualified candidates and conduct interviews.

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